About Us

As a child I loved those cold winter nights when my mom would make homemade caramel and pour it over a fresh batch of popcorn. I can still remember the smell of buttery caramel and hot popcorn wafting from the kitchen.

With a love for experimenting, I began to create new ways to enjoy this traditional favorite. Caramel Chipotle was the first, and my friends and family loved the combination of the sweet treat with a smoky heat. I soon found myself being asked to make this unusual mix for movie night gatherings, parties, and just as a daily snack! From this beginning, other flavor combinations arose and the idea of sharing these with everyone led me to create what has become Premier Popcorn.

The experimentation continues to this day but the goal remains the same as when I was making it in my kitchen for friends and family: to use the best ingredients to bring a bit of "home" back to so many of us.

Tom Phillips 
Head Popcorn Maker

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